The Family

Momma, Tricia

Tricia signed up for this ride some 40 years ago, counting dating time over 43 years; yet, she doesn't look a day over 29.  Yee Haw!


Momma-2, Rachel

Rachel may not have realized just what she was in for when she met Juice in her home town of Alice Springs, in the Northern Territory of Australia.  Rachel is the newest adult addition to the family with their wedding in May 2012. 

RoadKill, Gilbert

Full blown trouble maker.  Father of Juice and JW, and now grandpa to Jelly Bean.

Juice, Joshua

The oldest—married to Rachel.  A real love for things exotic, like his RSV4 and his bride Rachel

JW, Jeremiah

No one keeps up with JW.  Girls, he’s available, but he’s fast on his feet.





Brooklyn Olivia

Newest of the Girls.  She has lots of toys.


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RoadKill’s Cell:  (334) 220-2651




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