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About Us

This is where you’ll discover the fun filled joy our toys bring our family.  We are not trying to sell you or anyone any product or service.  We may purport the use of certain products or services but, you won’t be able to buy them from us.



(Oneword with a capital ‘R’ and a capital ‘K’)


(That’s one word, one ‘J’ and one ‘h’)


It was a cool idea; the name “Jennings’ Boy Toys,” and a bit catchy, so, we bought the domain, and now almost three years later, we’re publishing the first web page.

Jennings Boy Toys is just a cool name, our name, and a way of describing our propensity for having fun.

We are the Jennings family and our God is our first focus.  Our second priority is our family.  Only a long third are our toys. Those priorities are what drives us as a family a drive to work 40+ and do a good job while there, knowing the weekend is just around the corner.

Oh, and let’s not forget the Jennings girls and their toys the “Jennings-Girl Toys.”  I guess the boys are the “Girl toys.”  We must be since they toy with us daily.

JBT is not a store, not a garage, or service center.  Just a small family enjoying our God, our family, our fun time, and well, sharing some of our joy with you through this website and when we meet.

We hope you enjoy our JBT site and family. 

RoadKill, March 2014



(That’s Ralph with NMI)


(That’s ‘woW’ upside down)


(That’s ‘siS’ backwards or 5!5 upside down)


(The ”tat’s” all outline, no color)

Rachel & Brooklyn Olivia

(That’s “Rachel” & “Brooklyn”)

The ORIGINAL Jennings And Their Toys

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